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Replace several tooth in the same quadrant or in both quadrants of the same arch.Ideal for patients who are not interested for fixed bridge or dental implants.

Lack of suitable teeth/tooth in the arch to support and retain the removable prosthesisChronic poor oral hygienePatient case with low clearanceSevere periodontal conditions that threaten the life of remaining teeth/tooth.



BPS® stands for Biofunctional Prosthetic System. These Dentures are ‘Top of the Line’ precision dentures that provide optimum function while eating, speaking or laughing. They feature the best teeth and plastics money can buy. By far the best part of BPS® Dentures are the use of the SR Ivocap processing system.


precision Attachment

Precision Attachments are special attachments used for the perfect fit of removable partial dentures. The attachment prosthesis consists a combination of permanently fixed and removable denture. (semi fixed denture). It is a passive retention mechanism by which the abutment teeth are not exposed to excessive forces.

Removable partial dentures with precision attachments are used for treating terminally involved dental arches (free end saddle). It uses a double tilt retention mechanism thus preventing gravitational and muscular forces from dislodging the partial denture during function. The use of double tilting path of insertion eliminates the torquing stresses that the most abutments are forced to absorb from conventional retentive mechanisms.


Flexible denture

They are removable appliances to replace missing teeth that are made from a flexible nylon based resin material.

This material was created by the Valplast company in the 1950s. The Valplast brand has been the market leader in flexible dentures since then. Newer brands offering alternative flexible dentures such as Duraflex, Sunflex, Flexite and Ultraflex also exist.

While the most commonly used material for preparing flexible dentures is nylon, other materials such as polyesters, polycarbonates, polypropylene and acetal resins are being used.

With over 60 years of research and development flexible dentures have become a mainstay of materials that can be used to replace missing teeth.
Image of three different types of dentures. Rigid, Metal and Flexible Denture 


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